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Rebranding of Altamira doValue in Spain
Rebranding of Altamira doValue in Spain

Rebranding of Altamira doValue in Spain

15 February 2023
  • The decision is in line with the positioning and brand strategy of doValue at Group level and it positions doValue in Spain as the first independent servicer that offers financial servicing to all Banks and Investors.
  • The doValue brand becomes the corporate insignia for the corporate credit management business and mortgages to private individuals.
  • Altamira consolidate itself as a brand specialised in real estate servicing, a business unit that remains key for doValue in Spain
  • Ádsolum operates as a brand of the company involved in real estate development and management and Singularity as a marketer of new constructions.
  • The company is developing its new positioning under the claim “Leading the evolution of the servicing industry” – aiming to continue to lead the transformation and innovation of the servicers sector in Spain.

doValue is the corporate brand under which Altamira doValue will operate in Spain from now on, strengthening its corporate positioning as The First Servicer of New Generation on the Spanish market. This rebranding is strategic since it involves a new group brand architecture in Spain, aligned with doValue at Group level, setting out to consolidate its position as the only independent servicer that offers its credit management services to banks and investors. Leading the evolution of the servicing industry is the new company claim with the aim of leading the transformation and innovation of the servicers sector in Spain.

The rebranding approved meets the new market needs of servicers in Spain and it falls in line with doValue’s strategy in the five countries where it operates: Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus.

doValue is a project with a long-term industrial vision that leads the servicer industry in southern Europe and it is listed on Euronext Milan, managing assets worth €140 billion. doValue operates independently with innovative solutions for credit recovery and anticipatory credit management for financial institutions and investment funds.

In Spain, doValue is maintaining its current shareholder structure, with an executive team led by its CEO Francesc Noguera, whose main aim is to maximise the customer base among all the financial institutions and investment funds in the field of business credit management of all types and, in the case of individuals, mortgage credit.

“This rebranding is key to doValue’s new positioning in Spain and to meet customers’ new demands to servicers. We have gone from an environment involving major contracts and volumes to a very specialised services business and doValue has anticipated this and it clearly positions itself as the first servicer of new generation in Spain that offers specialised services to its customers, both in the financial and in the real estate areas”, Francesc Noguera, the CEO of the company since March 2021, said today.

“In just two years we have driven forward the major transformation of doValue in Spain to anticipate the new competitive environment and today we are ready to lead the new servicers’ industry, thereby meeting the demand of our clients, banks and investors, with services and solutions which are innovative, specialised and efficient, the advanced use of technology and data and teams with vast experience in the management of credits and real estate assets”, he added.

Parent company and associated brands

Based on this strategy, the new brand architecture has been defined: doValue becomes the corporate brand in Spain – instead of Altamira doValue – and doValue is also the brand for the corporate credit management business and mortgages for private individuals, the group’s main line of business in Spain, thanks to the vast experience accumulated since the creation of the servicer and internationally by the doValue group itself.


Francesc Noguera, CEO de doValue


The management of real estate, with the sale of assets, is still a key line of business for doValue in Spain, although unlike other servicers, its relative weighting in the business as a whole has been more balanced with respect to corporate credit management where doValue has stood out from its competitors since servicers started in Spain.

As regards the real estate servicing business, doValue is strengthening the Altamira brand owing to the relevant value and positioning it has within the Real Estate sector and in terms of retail, the final buyer. The Singularity brand also falls within the Altamira perimeter as a business specialised in the marketing of newly-constructed properties.

The brand architecture is complemented by Ádsolum, the spin-off which separated from Altamira doValue in December 2021 which operates autonomously and offers national and international investors a specialised value proposition for the end-to-end management of real estate development and promotion.

Leading the evolution of the servicing industry

Concurrently with the rebranding and launch of the new corporate brand and its new positioning, doValue has redefined its claim for Spain which becomes Leading the evolution of the servicing industry as the central message that the company is at the forefront of the transformation of the servicers’ sector and meets new customer demands with specialised, innovative solutions such as those that the company launched in 2022 in relation to the anticipatory management of business credit or legal services, among others.



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