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Press Releases
DoValue en España nombra a Mariano Chemes nuevo Consejero Delegado y a Francesc Noguera presidente del Consejo de Administración

doValue en España anunció hoy que, con efecto a partir de mañana 1 de noviembre, el actual Consejero Delegado Francesc Noguera será nombrado presidente de doValue en España y miembro no ejecutivo del Consejo de Administración. Por su parte, Mariano Chemes, hasta ahora Chief Banks Officer (responsable del negocio de Bancos de doValue en España), pasará a ser el Consejero Delegado de doValue en España.

doValue group invests 45 million euros in technology and digitalisation to strengthen customer service

The doValue group is implementing a €45 million investment plan for 2022–24 to strengthen its technological platforms and to drive the transformation of the company to meet the new needs of its clients, banks and investment funds. Spain is a key participant among the countries included in the projected investment of doValue, along with the other four countries that group is present at (Italy, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus) and more than €120 billion of assets under management.

Rebranding of Altamira doValue in Spain

doValue is the corporate brand under which Altamira doValue will operate in Spain from now on, strengthening its corporate positioning as The First Servicer of New Generation on the Spanish market. This rebranding is strategic since it involves a new group brand architecture in Spain, aligned with doValue at Group level, setting out to consolidate its position as the only independent servicer that offers its credit management services to banks and investors. Leading the evolution of the servicing industry is the new company claim with the aim of leading the transformation and innovation of the servicers sector in Spain.

Altamira doValue launches a Business Unit Specialising in Integral Legal Services for banks and funds and appoints Ángel Rubio to head up the division

Altamira doValue pone en marcha su nueva Unidad de Servicios Legales 360º justo en un momento en el que se prevé un considerable aumento de los préstamos dudosos bancarios en España a causa del fin de las moratorias concursales y préstamos ICO. Según diversas fuentes, en estas primeras semanas de julio, se han triplicado el número de procedimientos concursales en los Juzgados Españoles.

Altamira doValue Group is joining the summer sales with exceptional discounts of up to 50% off on more than 2,800 residential and tertiary properties

With the start of the summer sales period today, Altamira doValue Group announced a series of exceptional discounts of up to 50% off on more than 2,800 residential and tertiary properties. The company is lowering the original sales price for transactions that close before September 15, thus facilitating access to the real estate market for both individuals and professionals looking to take advantage of the current growth.